Adopt a Family

One of the highlights of serving in CBRTN is “adopting a family”! To adopt a family, means to walk side by side with a refugee family that is adjusting to their new life in the US. Time is spent taking them to the grocery store, setting up a bank account, getting their children settled in new schools, reading mail, filling out forms, and so many other “everyday life” tasks that we as Americans take for granted. What a deep sense of satisfaction to watch the new family gain confidence in their new homeland as they begin to learn English and adjust to American life. Sometimes the new arrivals know no English. CBRTN has translators available to assist in those situations. Others know some English and benefit from the ongoing practice of communicating with their new American friends. Adopting a refugee family is certainly a rewarding experience for everyone!

To adopt a family contact: Sue Rairdon at


We take care of immediate needs of the ethnic minorities in Colorado and in SE Asia. Through our partners and friends, we always know someone, whether in Colorado, Burma, or Thailand, that is in need. If you can help us fulfill these physical and financial needs, visit our donate page

Consider a Trip

Each year CBRTN organizes a trip to SE Asia – to the north and west parts of Thailand (Tak and Mae Hong Son provinces). On these trips CBRTN works with local Christian missionaries, aid organizations, and other Christian groups (e.g. Emmanuel Boys home). The typical trip involves:

  1. Obtaining supplies (food, medicines) for delivery into a refugee camp either in Thailand or on an IDP camp on the Thai-Burma border
  2. Working and networking with the leaders of the camps and organizations to better understand immediate needs.
  3. Dispersing funds to help with other needs as they arise (e.g. shelter, transportation)
  4. Visiting remote Thai Karen villages in order to be examples of Christ’s love and to spread the Gospel.
  5. Assisting with medical and other needs as these arise.